CRBN Pickleball Paddle Review – A Powerful Investment or a Pricey Gamble?

As an avid player with years in the game, The CRBN Power Series paddles definitely pique my interest. CRBN’s Power Series claims heightened spin and power—but does it deliver? I got my hands on the 1X, 2X, and 3X to find out. I’ll cover the technology upgrades, how the different models compare, actual player feedback, and whether these paddles live up to the hype. Let’s get right into it!

CRBN Pickleball Paddle Review
CRBN Pickleball Paddle Review

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CRBN Pickleball Paddle Review

CRBN Pickleball Power Paddles line aims at providing more power and offensive play. The series includes the 1X, 2X, and 3X models designed for different playing styles. These paddles provide pickleball players with an exceptional blend of power, excellent control, and maximum spin potential. With innovations like Unibody construction and aerospace materials, these paddles aim to equip intermediate to advanced players seeking more offensive firepower on the court.

CRBN Pickleball Paddle Comparison
CRBN Pickleball Paddle Comparison

Ratings on Key Playing Attributes: On-Court Characteristics

My paddle curiosity intensified to see how CRBN’s performance claims translated on-court. After just a few hits, the CRBN Power paddles impressed me with their blend of touch and offensive punch. The bigger sweet spots inspire confidence to swing full-out while still finding angles. CRBN managed to boost speed and pop without sacrificing any feel or finesse.

Standout Features:

  • Honeycomb polymer cores add stability and consistency
  • Carbon fiber faces deliver explosive power and energy transfer
  • Perfect weight distribution for quick maneuvers and reactions

I’d rate power and control a 90/100 – these bring some serious heat! For players craving more weapons, the Power paddles equip your arsenal. The added stiffness takes minor adjusting if coming from softer composite paddles.

CRBN Power Series Paddles Rating
CRBN Power Series Paddles Rating

Power – Rating: 9/10

These paddles pack some serious pop! The carbon fiber face explodes through contact efficiently transferring energy straight into the ball. Both groundstrokes and volleys carry real penetrating power even when blocked or redirected.

The CRBN 1X in particular unleashes next-level pace. I was handcuffing opponents with the speed generated after short backswings. My charging swing volleys accelerated noticeably faster as well compared to my previous paddle. Major heat upgrade!

Control – Rating: 9/10

For the sheer power produced, I expected touch and finesse to suffer. But CRBN impressively maintains its characteristic feel and precision. Response stays true even when manipulating pace and placement.

I most appreciated control competency up at the net. The CRBN 2X rewarded soft hands with feathery drops, angled cut shots, and strategic blocks placed just out of reach. Impressive artistry!

Spin Potential – Rating: 9.5/10

The extra bite produced by the textured face immediately stood out, especially on serve returns. I generated heavy backspin and sidespin with modest effort, handcuffing competitors. These paddles grip and rip!

I’d rate the spin factor on par with the best paddles I’ve tested. On aggressive cuts, the ball explodes off the surface. Even blocked volleys carried unpredictable action. Addicting performance for spin savants!

Sweet Spot – Rating: 8/10

While perhaps not as expansive as signature oversized designs, the CRBNs provided a trusty responsive hitting zone with ample margin for error. I intentionally mishit balls off-center and maintained solid control without jarring vibration.

The CRBN 2X and CRBN 3X models especially exude forgiveness thanks to the widened sweet spot. Shots stay accurate hitting from varied footwork positions. Confidence rises rapidly swinging freely.

Grip – Rating: 9/10

The CRBN SmartGrip handle immediately impressed me with its comfort and tactility. The contouring felt natural in hand with no sharp edges or awkward shaping. The tacky polymer material provides noticeable stickiness assisting the paddle’s increased stability.

Even through prolonged hitting sessions, the grip maintained comfort without abrasion or slippage. Sweat and moisture didn’t impact grip security allowing smooth strokes even as my hand perspired.

For those seeking ultimate ergonomics, the SmartGrip achieves high marks. It instills confidence during play knowing your paddle stays planted solidly on all strike attempts.

Aerodynamics – Rating: 8.5/10

The CRBN shaping appears intentionally crafted to cut through air resistance efficiently. The elongated paddle CRBN 1X and standard CRBN 2X models move lightning-quick laterally while still retaining stability.

I specifically noticed the aerodynamic assets around net play. Quick reaction volleys and sharp-angled redirects benefited from the paddle’s ability to knife air rapidly. Compared to bulkier plank-style paddles, the CRBN maneuvered noticeably cleaner with less drag-hampering responses.

Carbon fiber faceToray T700 carbon fiber hits a sweet spot between touch and power
Foam-injected edge wallsPerimeter foam injection adds stability and limits vibration
Unibody techThe injection process integrates all components for added durability
PerformanceImpressive blend of power, control, and maximum spin
PowerAggressive strikers will appreciate the easy pace generated
ControlRetains outstanding CRBN signature control and touch
SpinUpwards of 200+ RPM potential – among the spin kings
ForgivenessExpanded sweet spots, especially in CRBN 2X and 3X models
WeightingThe strategic balance between maneuverability and hitting power
GripComfortable SmartGrip tacky polymer handle
DurabilityIntegrated Unibody construction built to last
AerodynamicsStandard, elongated, and ergo shaping for cutting air
Pricing$179 to $229 across multiple models
CRBN Pickleball Paddles Features

Put CRBN Pickleball Paddles to the Test Like a Pro: How the 1X, 2X, and 3X Compare

I took the CRBN 1X, 2X, and 3X for extensive testing across all facets of my pickleball game. Here are discoveries from deep drilling sessions!

CRBN 1X Power Paddle – Your Spin Monster

CRBN 1X Power Paddle

CRBN 1X Power Paddle

Your Spin Monster

  • Elongated paddle shape for expanded surface area
  • Extended handle for two-handed backhands

The 1X felt butter-smooth right off the rip. Great balance paired with explosive spin potential – this paddle can kick balls off the court with the right technique. The elongated paddle shape takes a minute to get used to but provides a nice reach.

If heavy topspin and driving power suit your game, put the 1X atop your list. The pop felt comparable to far pricier paddles. This one quickly won me over!

After intense drilling, key assets shone through:

✅ Power: The elongated paddle shape and carbon fiber face magnify ball compression. I easily generated a wicked pace and depth.

✅ Forgiveness: With the extra surface area, I could still catch balls slightly off-center for consistent response. Its versatility surprised me.

For spin-savvy players who train hard, the 1X equips your toolbox with an arsenal of shots. I’d rank it high for well-roundedness despite the power lean.

CRBN 2X Power Paddle – Light and Nimble Maneuverability

CRBN 2X Power Paddle

CRBN 2X Power Paddle


  • Standard shaping optimal for reaction time
    Enlarged sweet spot for control and feel
  • Shorter handle for easy wrist flicks and control

For those valuing quickness and finesse up at the net, the 2X shines brightest in CRBN’s latest lineup. The shape feels familiar and comfortable, no adjustment period is needed. Though rated as the most well-rounded option, I found the 2X geared more toward control and touch.

The shorter, lighter design really enhances hand speed and net play reaction time. I could place shots with ease thanks to the larger, consistent sweet spot. My favorite paddle in testing – a top choice for doubles!

Testing revealed strengths including:

✅ Maneuverability: The smaller surface area combined with lightweight construction afforded artful manipulation. I pivoted and angled shots with ease.

For doubles players who work sequences utilizing skill and strategy over pure power, the 2X is a worthy companion.

CRBN 3X Power Paddle – Jack of All Trades

CRBN 3X Power Paddle

CRBN 2X Power Paddle

Jack of All Trades

  • Jack of All Trades
  • Classic shaping fits most play styles
  • The broad sweet spot for consistent response

Of CRBN’s latest lineup, the 3X is billed as the most versatile option – a jack of all trades if you will. After taking this one for a spin myself, I’d say that rings true.

The 3X brings a healthy balance of offensive power and finesse thanks to its familiar shape and generous sweet spot. I felt in control both at baseline and cutting volleys up at the net. It provides a bit more pop than the typical control paddle without crossing into pure power territory.

While the 1X and 2X lean more toward specified skill sets, the CRBN 3X allows players to dabble in everything. I’d suggest the 3X for doubles partners with contrasting games or those seeking a solid, do-it-all pick without sacrifice.

For those unwilling to choose a side between power and control, the 3X lets you enjoy the best of both worlds! After testing this durable, quality jack, I gained an appreciation for paddle-conquering areas some struggle with.

✅ Quick Takeaway: For next-level power and spin paired with iconic CRBN control, these paddles warrant serious gear envy. I’d recommend to intermediate through advanced picklers seeking an upgrade at solid pricing. While the CRBN 1X elongated paddle and CRBN 2X better match specific needs and play styles, the CRBN 3X impresses thanks to its versatility suiting all parts of one’s pickleball game!

Players Experience on CRBN Pickleball Paddles

As an enthusiast always exploring the latest gear, I took a special interest in feedback from fellow players testing these paddles out. Here’s what picklers had to say after taking the CRBNs for a spin!

CRBN pickleball paddle review
CRBN pickleball paddle review

Getting to Know the CRBN Pickleball Paddle

Breaking in a new paddle takes time to adjust to its feel and nuances. Many users reported the CRBN paddles feeling natural and comfortable during the get-to-know phase:

“Felt game ready right away – nice tacky grip and comfortable in my hands.”

“Easy access to power – didn’t take long bonding with this paddle!”

The shape and weight distribution helped players acclimate quickly. Those more particular noted the grip and face materials taking a bit longer to mold.

User Feedback: What Players Are Saying

I scoured pickleball forums and gear reviews to garner candid opinions from players of all levels. Here’s the overall consensus:

“Impressive pop and versatility” – a blend of power and control appealed to a wide range of players

“Addicting spin potential” – many hooked on the heavy spin right off the bat

“Quality and durability concerns” – small percentage reported problems like cracks

“Big sweet spot inspired confidence” – consistency aided playing rhythm and flow

Impact on Game Improvement: User Testimonials

The true test comes down to whether a paddle tangibly impacts on-court performance. Numerous players across skill levels noted sizable improvements after adopting their CRBN paddle:

“My consistency has shot through the roof! Placements feel dialed in.”

“Changed my whole doubles game – quicker reactions and way more put-away opportunities.”

“Wow, my backhands have never had this much heat and spin before!”

Handling the Paddle: User Comfort and Ease

In terms of paddles’ feel and handling, user opinions overwhelmingly considered CRBN paddles comfortable and intuitive:

“Lightweight with a super tacky, grippy handle.”

“Awesome paddle regardless of playing style.”

“Easy on the joints – super enjoyable paddling all day long.”

The SmartGrip and balanced construction received high marks across most players.

Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Right CRBN Paddle

With three distinct models available, selecting the ideal CRBN paddle deserves thoughtful consideration. Let’s walk through crucial factors guiding the decision process.

Step 1 – Identify Your Playing Style

First, analyze your on-court style and tendencies.

Are you an aggressive attacker or a controlled counter-puncher?
Does your game thrive on speed and power or touch and finesse?
Do you play mostly doubles focusing on net play or singles baseline battles?

Establishing playing profile priorities greatly narrows suitable paddle characteristics.

Step 2 – Rank Desired Performance Attributes

Now ponder aspects most impactful for your enjoyment and efficacy.

Using a scale of 1-10, rate the importance of:
– Power
– Control
– Spin potential
– Forgiveness
– Versatility

This quantifies attribute significance guiding your paddle specs.

Step 3 – Compare CRBN Models

With your player identity and performance desires clarified, evaluating CRBN models becomes simple:
CRBN 1X – for big power, spin, versatile control
CRBN 2X – for lightning quickness and soft finesse play
CRBN 3X – for a well-balanced blend of control and pop

Select the paddle strongest in the areas you prioritized most deeply so it seamlessly suits your play!

Still uncertain? Connect with a CRBN Paddle Expert to detail your game further for a personalized recommendation. With the right paddle match, prepare for rapid skill progression and countless pickleball smiles!

Who These Paddles Are For

After extensive time testing and analyzing, a profile emerged of players reaping maximum benefits from CRBN paddles:

  • Aggressive attackers seeking more weapons
  • Developing intermediate players working spin
  • Doubles specialists who charge net -BaseModel upgraders desiring more pop and power

At the core, CRBN aims to equip offensive-minded picklers with spin, pace, and put-away authority without sacrificing characteristic control.

For cerebral shot builders and counter-punchers favoring finesse, other brands like Engage or Selkirk still warrant consideration. But for burgeoning competitors pursuing firepower, CRBN deserves a hard look!

Value for Money: Is It Worth It?

The Power models retail for around $200 with occasional discounts available. Factoring sheer performance and noticeable game improvements many users experience, I deem that more than fair.

When comparing construction quality alongside brands like Paddletek, Joola, and others near this tier – CRBN holds up very strongly. You receive real assets including aerospace-grade materials, quality assurance testing, and signature innovations like SmartGrip.

For players plateauing or requiring more spin/power in their quest to level up, investing in a Power Series CRBN catalyzes skill leaps to justify the price tag quickly. The value only amplifies over years of play.

CRBN vs Other Popular Pickleball Paddle Brands

As a pickleball gearhead always play-testing the latest equipment, I took a special interest in comparing CRBN’s Power Series up against top competitors. How does it stack up? Let’s break it down.

CRBN vs Selkirk

CRBN vs Selkirk
CRBN vs Selkirk

Selkirk established itself among the pickleball elite with iconic models like the Amped Epic and Vanguard. How does CRBN compare?

🏓 Power
CRBN wins here with its carbon fiber construction packing more oomph. The elongated paddle shaping also boosts pace.

🏓 Control
Selkirk still reigns with its signature FiberFlex Face stunning touch and finesse play. CRBN is not too far behind, however.

🏓 Spin
Remarkably close, with both generating heavy spin. I’d give the edge to CRBN based on its textured surface.

CRBN vs Paddletek

CRBN vs Paddletek
CRBN vs Paddletek

Paddletek made waves with innovative build technologies and materials. CRBN answers with its Unibody construction.

🏓 Technology
Slight advantage to Paddletek’s ProCore and AquaTru technologies enhancing feel and control. CRBN doesn’t trail by much.

🏓 Power
CRBN decisively takes the cake here, able to ratchet up the pace much faster with its carbon composition.

🏓 Playability
Quite even with both brands effectively covering all facets of the game. The Pros Pro is slightly ahead for versatility.

CRBN vs Gearbox

CRBN vs Gearbox
CRBN vs Gearbox

Gearbox burst onto the scene with cutting-edge paddle designs leveraging aerospace principles. A bold newcomer like CRBN should take notice.

🏓 Innovation
Close, but Gearbox has the edge for truly groundbreaking applications of materials science and sports engineering. Still, CRBN answers strongly.

🏓 Performance
Gearbox models top almost every metric – power, huge sweet spots, stability, etc. CRBN a worthy challenger in spin and control competency.

CRBN vs JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16

CRBN vs JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16
CRBN vs JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16

As signature Ben Johns paddles, these benefit from insights of a legendary player. The Hyperion CFS 16 mirrors CRBN’s thicker core for enhanced power.

🏓 Power
Quite even, with both able to unleash loads of pace rather effortlessly. CRBN is potentially faster off the launch.

🏓 Control
Ben Johns is known for surgical precision and the Hyperion CFS aids that purpose. The a slight advantage here.

CRBN vs Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle

CRBN vs Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle
CRBN vs Legacy Pro Pickleball Paddle

A budget-friendly paddle punching above its class, Legacy’s Pro model warrants attention in the value space.

🏓 Performance per Dollar
The Legacy Pro draws extremely high marks maximizing attributes like power, control, and durability at just $149. CRBN can’t match the performance-to-price ratio.

🏓 Construction Quality
This Legacy model feels anything but cheap. However, CRBN does claim better structural rigidity resisting wear over time. Pretty even.

While CRBN doesn’t claim any huge performance gaps beyond power and spin compared with elite companies.

Concluding Thoughts and Recommendations

After extensive playing time scrutinizing the Power Series, I must say – color me highly impressed. CRBN delivered on injecting offense through heightened spin, pace, and control competency.

The breakthrough Unibody construction technology clearly manifests in keeping paddles sturdy while transferring impressive energy for shear pop. Paired with aerospace-grade materials optimizing playability, the Power Series warrants attention.

While the stiffer hit reaction may necessitate minor adjustments for some, the CRBN models inspire skill leaps quickly. Major heat that intermediate to advanced picklers will appreciate when seeking more weapons!

So who should swing a CRBN paddle? Those desiring upgrades from run-of-the-mill options without breaking budgets. Burgeoning competitors pursuing tools assisting the climb to elite heights.

For base model players or developing intermediates stalled in skill progression – I confidently recommend test-driving a CRBN all court paddle suited to your play style. Let the Power Series unlock your full potential out on the courts!

Still unsure exactly where you fit or which model suits your current game? Reach out to CRBN’s Paddle Experts for personalized guidance dialing in specifications aligned with your strengths and goals.

Thanks for following my thorough hands-on evaluation! Please drop any lingering questions in the comments – I’m happy to offer additional guidance for your paddle search. Play on!


What paddle shapes does CRBN offer?

CRBN provides both elongated paddles and standard heads to fit playing styles requiring more reach or maneuverability. CRBN 1X and 3X models utilize elongated paddle shaping.

What are CRBN paddle cores made of?

CRBN Power Paddles utilize polymer while Control models feature Polypro – a soft, forgiving soft game material that adds control. Core thickness options include 14mm or 16mm.

Do CRBN paddles come with protective covers?

Yes, CRBN paddles include a padded cover for protecting the face and edge guard when not in play. Users recommend using the protective cover to prevent scuffs during transport and storage.

What paddle shapes feature an elongated design?

The elongated shape is available on certain CRBN models including the spin and power focused 1X elongated paddle and the well-rounded 3X. It provides some extra reach and leverage.

Is CRBN good for beginners?

While suitable for intermediate players on up, CRBN paddles may prove too advanced and rigid for true beginners. Brands with softer faces like Engage recommended for earlier skill development.

What core thickness options are available?

CRBN offers both 14mm and 16mm paddle core thickness options depending on the model. Thinner cores tend to provide more control and spin, while thicker cores offer more stability and power.

What materials are used in CRBN paddle faces?

CRBN utilizes either carbon fiber or fiberglass for paddle faces. Carbon fiber delivers explosive power and spin, while fiberglass offers a more controlled response.

How does the CRBN 1X paddle compare to other CRBN paddles?

The CRBN 1X elongated paddle provides unmatched spin/pace but requires more swing effort than the standard shaped 2X or all-around 3X. It’s best for aggressive players.

What paddle suits a control-oriented game?

For those prioritizing touch, finesse, and keeping the ball in play, CRBN’s original Control oriented models like the 2X Power Control provide ideal softer feel characteristics.

What resources help you choose the right CRBN paddle?

CRBN offers a paddle fitting quiz guiding you to the optimal model fitting your play style, skill level, paddle history, and spec preferences. Their experts also provide personalized recommendations.

What are the benefits of Unibody construction?

CRBN’s Unibody tech integrates all paddle components together, enhancing durability and energy transfer for more power and stability through shots.

Why choose a CRBN Power paddle?

The new CRBN Power Series incorporates innovations like Unibody construction and premium materials to deliver exceptional extra pop without compromising iconic CRBN control or feel.

Do users note any downsides of CRBN paddles?

While the CRBN X Series paddles offer enhanced power and performance, some users have noted potential drawbacks. These may include a higher price tag, a longer adjustment period due to the stiffer feel, and the possibility that the handle length may be too long for some players. Additionally, the 16mm models may have less control than the original series, and they may not enhance the soft game as much

How does CRBN compare to top brands?

Testers rate CRBN Power paddlesas comparable quality and performance to far pricier Legacy, Engage, Selkirk, and other paddles models – impressive for the reasonable pricing! They have been positively reviewed for their improved durability, stability, and spin capabilities. However, it’s important to consider individual playing styles and preferences when comparing these paddles to others on the market.

What are the benefits of thinner paddles?

Thinner paddle tend to offer more control and spin potential at the cost of stability and power. It suits developing intermediate players honing technique and touch shots.

Do elongated paddles play differently?

An elongated paddle provides more reach and leverage for extra pop and spin on aggressive shots. However, standard shapes allow quicker changes of direction needed up at the net.

How do higher swing weights impact play?

High swing weight paddles need more effort to wield quickly but deliver stability and extra power. Lighter swing weight enables quicker hand speed at the cost of stability.

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